Help for a gradle/springboot newbie

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Help for a gradle/springboot newbie

I've been a professional software developer the last 9 years (doing things like c# / objective-c / python / javascript) but I've never really invested in the gradle / spring ecosystem. I'd like to think I'm fairly quick to pick up new tech but I've found the hardest part of learning any new platform is finding the tribal knowledge. I'd like to learn the "idiomatic / right way" to start a new spring boot application (simple REST service like is shown in this tutorial)

I feel this is a good starting point (correct me if I'm wrong) but it feels like I'm missing an in depth discussion about how real devs get setup/running. I'm starting with GVM because in the python/ruby/node ecocystems I like "pip install / gem install / npm install" right after I git clone a project. (I assume the gradle dep management story allows for this also -but again w/ out the tribal knowledge I'm not sure what real groovy developers are doing today)

One of the other things I'm trying to cover is reducing the "magic" behind tools like gradle/mvn (I'd like to build an executable jar myself - learning the how/why/what would go a long way). I assume I could groovyc (like I do a javac) and create the jar myself by adding a simple manifest of some kind (just never done this myself).

As time is money - I'm willing to pay for a 60/90 minutes of your time if this "tribal knowledge" that I speak of can be transfered.

I'd like to start w/ the basics - just a simple tmux pairing session (I've got a machine ready to go and I'd like to drive w/ your instruction to help me learn it). If anyone is interested please look me up via twitter or email (look at the bottom of my blog to find all my contact info)

Thanks for hearing me out!